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    Acne and acne scars

    Effective treatment of active acne

    Acne pimple is a combination of sebum excess in our skin and inflammation.
    When you get a pimple, usually you want to get rid of it as soon as possible.

    But the archaic method of pressing your pimples is to be avoided because it is a source of infections and scars. Do not try to eliminate these pimples this way.

    Our Alfa Laser Centers offer an exclusive protocol to help you get rid of acne and erase the consequences, such as post-acne spots and scars.

    The treatment of acne is performed with a laser of the brand Linline Medical which is currently the most effective and efficient method on the market.

    how acne works
    effective laser treatment for acne and pimples

    How does the laser against acne Linline work?

    The Linline™ anti-acne laser creates an acoustic wave and a slight thermal effect:

        • The thermal effect activates cellular immunity to fight inflammation in the area of acne (inside the skin).
        • The acoustic wave acts on the external cutaneous manifestations, which can be noticed by a reduction of the acne on the face. Laser treatment also regulates sebum production and acts against post-acne complications such as scars and spots.

    The action of the laser against acne is able to fight against all forms of this pathology, at any age, even in the most difficult cases. This method helps treat acne on all parts of the face and body.

    Anti-acne laser treatment:

    The effect can be seen from the first session: the number of acne pimples decreases and the skin condition improves significantly during 10 days following the anti-acne laser treatment.

    Our patients notice an improvement in average of 80% after 2 to 4 laser sessions!

    The effect of the therapy lasts at least 6 months. Some patients only need one or two sessions to get rid of acne forever.

    Anti-acne phototherapy session

    Today phototherapy is an alternative and/or complementary treatment to fight against acne.
    Provided by LEDs or other light sources that emit a wavelength between 400 and 500 nm, blue light acts on acne by a photochemical mechanism.
    The target is more specifically the bacterium “propionibacterium acneïs” which is one of the most important bacteria in the development of acne.
    This bacteria is present on the surface of the skin and in the pilosebaceous follicles (pores of our skin).
    Exposure to the blue light of the area affected by acne will activate molecules of our skin (porphyrin) that are toxic to the bacteria and will cause its destruction.

    fight acne phototherapy led light

    Being a continuous or pulsed light of low intensity, this treatment is non-aggressive without any side effects or toxic effects other than one on the target. There is no UV.

    The results observed over 1 month (8 sessions) are comparable in terms of effectiveness with conventional antibiotic treatments but much faster.

    1 to 3 quick treatments (10 minutes) with 3-week intervals effectively improve the skin for several months and control ACNE for one year without any other associated therapeutic treatment.

    This treatment can be applied to all skin types and is also suitable for children and pregnant women.

    To fight against acne, it is also possible to perform a deep cleansing of your skin to clear the pores. The treatment we recommend is the Meso Peeling.

    To treat and fight against your acne, our specialists are at your disposal and will help you choose the most effective and safe treatment.

    acne scar before after laser treatment

    Treatment of post-acne scars:

    Our centers have a program developed specifically to treat the scars left by acne that will allow you to get rid of this unpleasant defect easily.
    Your skin will finally become smooth and clean again!