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    How to make stretch marks disappear?

    What are the stretch marks?

    Stretch marks are marks on our body that are manifested by streaks of scarring and unsightly aspect of varying lengths and widths.

    These streaks may initially be purple-red (inflammatory stage), then they get more clear to a pearly white color (old stretch marks).

    Problem of many women but also men, stretch marks affect more than 50% of the population.
    The areas where stretch marks appear the most often are love handles, belly, thighs, arms and chest.

    example of stretch marks thighs

    How do the stretch marks appear?

    Stretch marks are linked to a lack of elasticity of our skin compared to what it is requested.
    There are two main causes:

    Hormonal: puberty, pregnancy are the most critical periods when the risk of stretch marks is high. This is the time when we produce a high level of cortisol that will affect our production of elastin fiber and collagen. If these productions stop or are not enough, our skin loses elasticity and gets marks more easily.
    The use of cortisone-containing medication can also cause the appearance of stretch marks.

    Rapid weight gain or weight loss or stretching of the skin during adolescence (rapid growth): are the other main reason of the appearance of stretch marks. The skin has a certain level of elasticity, when an important body change occurs, its limit is reached, causing a rupture of certain fibers in our skin and the appearance of stretch marks.

    Today we also record that a genetic predisposition is often found, with a bigger frequency among women from Mediterranean area.

    augmentation du cortisol raison vergeture

    Cortisol increase

    vergerture importance elasticite peau

    Limit of the skin elasticity

    hydratation corps pour prevention vergerture


    cream pour hydrater peau et eviter vergeture

    Moisturizing creams

    How to prevent stretch marks

    As for the appearance of wrinkles, the functioning of our skin is closely related to its renewal. In general, a good daily hydration (water and skin care) allows a better functioning of our skin, our production of collagen (cellular renewal) and our elastin fibers (elasticity of the skin).

    During periods of “risk” consider applying moisturizing creams on the most delicate areas to nourish your skin deeply. This will allow the elastic fibers of your skin to increase their effectiveness and make the marks less visible.

    Getting rid of stretch marks is possible

    If we cannot always prevent their appearance, it is however quite possible to make them disappear.
    Stretch marks are considered as atrophic scars, that means an area of ​​our skin that has lost its collagen and whose elastin fibers have disappeared.

    An effective treatment against stretch marks will therefore activate the synthesis of new collagen and elastin to repair the lesions and make the stretch mark disappear.

    Depending on the age, the appearance, the width of the stretch marks, different treatments are possible: Mesolift (rehydration and revitalization of the skin), microdermabrasion (scrub and exfoliant), Meso Peeling (see here)
    , LED phototherapy and the unique laser for scars and stretch marks RecoSMA™ (see here).

    In order to perform the right treatment and get rid of your stretch marks, do not hesitate to call us or make an appointment with one of our Doctors.

    before after stretch mark treatment

    Before / After RecoSMA ™ treatment