Injections explanations :

    Today, there are several types of injections grouped into two main families:

    – Botulinum toxin injections, also called “Botox ® treatment” or known under the trade name Botox mainly used to erase certain expression lines (forehead, crow’s feet, wrinkles between the eyebrows, upper lip, bitterness folds…) for a natural and rejuvenated effect.

    – Hyaluronic acid injections or filler injections allow to fight against the effects of aging but also to hydrate, correct and give volume to a targeted area (dark circles, lip, oval, nose, chin…).

    Each person’s morphology is unique. Depending on your expectations and the area to be treated, botulinum toxin, hyaluronic acid or even a combination of both will be the most appropriate. It is therefore essential that an aesthetic doctor who is an expert in injections analyze your needs and the morphology of your face to allow you to make the right choice. If you would like more information on this subject, please contact us.

    Botulinum toxin injection BOTOX ® : for a rejuvenated and relaxed effect

    Botulinum toxin is one of the most widely used treatments in cosmetic medicine. It acts on the muscles responsible for the formation of expression lines.

    By reducing the activity of these muscles, botulinum toxin allows the skin to relax and expression lines to disappear, giving a rejuvenated and relaxed appearance.

    BOTOX treatment will also prevent and avoid the intensification of these wrinkles over time. The main areas of use for the ``Botox ® treatment`` are :

    • Forehead wrinkles,
    • Wrinkles next to the eyes (crow’s feet),
    • Inter-brow wrinkles, also known as “lion wrinkles”,
    • Wrinkles above the upper lip (bar code),
    • Neck folds…

    Botulinum toxin or “Botox ®” can be indicated alone or combined with a filler (hyaluronic acid injection), a peeling or a RecoSMA™ a patterned rejuvenating laser. For more information on botulinum toxin you will find a dedicated page on our website explaining in detail the effects, procedure, areas and its benefits.

    botox injection for rejuvenated face and fight against wrinkles
    injection botox anti ride

    Smooth and precise

    disparition ride botox

    No more wrinkles, youthful natural face !

    hyaluronic acid filler injection to fight wrinkles

    Hyaluronic acid filling injections: rejuvenation, correction, lifting effect, hydration, volume..

    Hyaluronic acid injections are also part of the very first techniques in aesthetic medicine.

    Hyaluronic acid is naturally present in the body and is perfectly biocompatible with human tissue. It is not recognized as a foreign body by the body and is gradually resorbed after the injection.

    There are two main families of hyaluronic acid:

    – To effectively and safely fill certain facial wrinkles (nasolabial folds, neck, crow’s feet…) dark circles, small scars and to revitalize the skin to fight against aging and its effects.

    – To give volume, to remodel effectively and quickly areas such as the contours of the face, the nose, the chin … and to have a lifting effect (filler) in a virtually colorless.

    acide hyaluronique peau revitalisee

    Skin highly hydrated

    remodelage visage acide hyaluronique

    Correct, remodel effectively

    injection visage medecine esthétique sans douleur

    Virtually colorless

    In our injections clinics based in Annecy, Brussels, Colmar, Geneva, Lyon, Mougins, Paris, Prague we only use the best Quality products from the most world class brands such as Allergan, Teoxane, Fillmed (Filorga), Merz, Profhilo, Sinclair.

    This method is also a good alternative to cosmetic surgery.

    As you can see, hyaluronic acid can be used on many areas of the face to reshape the contours, reshape the cheekbones, smooth out a bump on the nose, give more volume to your lips to make them fuller…

    The result is excellent, fast and almost painless without the need for a scalpel operation !

    A page on our site dedicated to hyaluronic acid, all the indications, applications and the procedure of a session is available here. Our specialist doctors are at your disposal and will suggest, after a first consultation, the products that will suit you best according to your expectations and your possible injection habits.

    reshaping to have luscious lips

    Focus on lip reshaping

    Lip reshaping is the process of adding volume to the lips. Injections can also be used to correct the shape of the lips, for example, by slightly raising the corners of the mouth. With hyaluronic acid injections, your lips will be plumped up but also hydrated and have a beautiful glow. Filling injections with resorbable gels are considered today as one of the best non-surgical anti-aging techniques.

    For a long term and optimal effect it is possible to combine injections with a MesoPeeling or the unique RecoSMA™ anti-aging laser.