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    Fight against wrinkles, anti-aging factors and treatment

    Wrinkles are a sign of aging that nobody escapes. The first signs can appear very early: in early thirties.
    Synonymous with skin aging, the appearance of wrinkles results from many factors.

    The main reason of wrinkles, the aging of our body

    1. The older we get, the more slowly our cells are renewed, the skin gets less tense and wrinkles appear.
    2. The drop in hormones over time (and especially starting from menopause for women) causes a decrease in collagen and elastin. But collagen and elastin play a protective role for our skin, make it firm and elastic (tense).
    It is considered that the skin loses in average 1% of them per year from the age of 30.

    ralentissement renouvellement cellulaire

    Cellular slowdown

    baisse prodution collagene et elastine

    Drop in collagen and elastin

    cause rides visage


    External factors:

    If wrinkles are mainly caused by aging of our cells, external factors also play an important role: the sun, tobacco, air pollution, lack of hydration, lack of sleep and stress.
    All these factors will hinder the renewal of our cells and thus accelerate the aging process of the skin.

    However, the war against time is not lost in advance!

    Reshape the skin and fight against wrinkles and blemishes

    Today many anti-aging solutions exist for you to find a rejuvenated skin.
    These solutions are divided into two categories:

    1. Injectables: which will either act on our muscles that are responsible for wrinkles
    (Botox), or solutions to fill the deformities produced with the time (Hyaluronic Acid of Profhilo, Art Filler Fine Lines, Universal, Lips, Teoxane Volume, Deep lines, redensity 1 & 2, Ultra deep and rha 1, 2 & 3 of Filorga).

    2. Cell rejuvenation treatments: to favor the regeneration of your cells and stimulate the production of collagen: peeling and mesopeeling (skin care and LED), ultrasounds (light wrinkles) and the latest and the most innovative technology: the laser face cells rejuvenation RecoSMA™ exist.

    Depending on the typology of your skin, wrinkles and allergies, the treatments to prioritize differ and can even be combined to get an optimal result.

    To choose your treatment, we advise you to consult an esthetic doctor who has a knowledge of all these techniques and in particular the RecoSMA™ technology.

    All the doctors of our Alfa Laser Centers located in Paris, Brussels, Annecy, Lyon, Montbéliard, Vannes and Geneva are trained and qualified to advise you on the best anti-aging techniques.