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    Remove scars with a laser

    Removing scars is definitely a dream of all people. But is it possible to remove a scar by replacing it with an intact skin?
    The answer is yes, thanks to current means, removing scars has become a reality, even though it may require several treatment sessions.
    So if you are fully committed to getting rid of your scars, let’s get started!

    La réponse est oui, grâce aux moyens actuels, effacer les cicatrices est devenu une réalité, même si cela peut nécessiter plusieurs séances de traitement.
    Alors si vous êtes pleinement décidé(e) à vous débarrasser de vos cicatrices, lancez-vous !

    Why do we have scars?

    Vestige in most cases of a bad memory, the scars are the “imperfect” result of our skin regeneration after “big” accidents.
    The skin goes through several phases to rebuild itself. It begins by removing the debris and bacteria that may have remained there and then enters the layer-by-layer repair phase.
    The bigger and deeper the cut or burn is, the more work there is for our cells and the risk that the skin will not fully recover its initial state.

    healing process how scar fades
    types of scars

    There are 4 major types of scars:
    1. Atrophic scar (hollow meaning a lack of dermis during scarring, often present on acne scars).
    2. Hypertrophic scar or keloid (a relief on the skin due to too much collagen).
    3. Hyper pigmented (darker than the original skin)
    4. Depigmented (concerns deep scars)
    Depending on the type of a scar you have, the optimal treatment will not be the same.

    The functioning of the laser to correct scars: Nd: YAP, KTP and RecoSMA™

    The laser to correct scars Multiline™ via its unique and patented technology RecoSMA™ allows to regenerate your skin and get rid of any type of scars, including stretch marks and acne scars.
    The principle is quite simple: when you have a slight cut or burn, your skin heals identically because it is small.
    The scar laser RecoSMA™ allows to recreate on your scar invisible to the naked eye superficial microabrasions (10-6 mm) to which will be added acoustic waves that will erase the defects.
    Your body will then go into a healing process and complete safely the removal of the scar. Acoustic waves will allow to optimize the healing.
    For hypertrophic scars or keloids: first, we use a combination of lasers that project almost simultaneous (alternating in nano-seconds) two different light energies. This alternation of lasers will allow to coagulate the blood vessels of the scar and then eliminate it.

    clear laser scar operation
    laser treatment erase scar photo before after

    Effectiveness of laser treatment of scars

    Whatever the type of scar is, after the first session, the scar becomes much less visible. At the end of the program of sessions recommended by the doctor, you will observe the erasing of the scars.

    Our ALFA LASER CENTERS have ultimate technology and safety equipment.
    We do not delegate any of these acts. All treatments are performed by the doctors.

    Other methods:

    The remodeling of scars is another very effective method to reduce them. This method is especially used for the treatment of atrophic scars (crater scars). These special injections allow to raise the scar at the level of the skin for an amazing result (see here).
    Can be considered as scars of time, stretch marks can also be treated with a specific treatment that allows an effective and rapid disappearance. (see here).