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    Remove pigment spots

    The pigment spots appear gradually with the aging of the skin. We also talk about sun spots, age spots or brown spots.
    These spots are not inevitable in the majority of the cases it is possible to remove them with the Laser.

    What are the types of pigment spots and their treatment?

    Solar lentigo and age spots

    Pigment spots on the face, décolleté and hands are the sign of skin aging, mainly due to UV aggression.
    Solar lentigos are more or less dark brown spots, located on areas exposed to UV (photo-exposed areas).
    Their appearance is frequent after a strong exposure to the sun (big sunburns) and often after the age of 40, the age factor influencing the overproduction of melanin during a strong exposure.
    Both men and women are affected by solar lentigo.
    Fortunately, these spots are removable with a laser in a few sessions without leaving scars.

    Our Alfa Laser Centers have the latest generation of lasers for pigment spots. These lasers emit a high-speed light beam that will explode melanin (photomechanical effect).
    This non-invasive technique is by far the safest and most effective available today.

    Melasmas or pregnancy masks

    These spots located on the forehead and cheeks most often reflect a hyper-activity of melanocytes after sun exposure. The appearance of these spots may also be secondary to strong hormonal changes such as the taking of the contraceptive pill or pregnancy, in this case we talk about pregnancy mask.
    The elimination of melasma is a long-term process.
    Indeed, melasma is evolutive and each solar exposure can relaunch the appearance of spots.
    It should be known that melasmas are difficult to treat by laser because the melanocytes are located in depth.
    Our doctors prefer a depigmenting peel and a cream based treatment.

    before after melasma treatment or pregnancy masks


    Moles (Naevus) are not treated by laser.
    They must be regularly monitored by a dermatologist and if they have to be removed, it will be done by traditional excision with the scalpel to get and analyze the removed parts (cytology).

    For this reason, we do not practice this type of medical procedure in Alfa Laser Centers.

    For more information, do not hesitate to call us or make an appointment with one of our Doctors.

    Find these laser treatments for pigment spots in your nearest Alfa Laser Center, it is painless and you can get back to your normal activity right after the treatment. The only obligation after the treatment will be to apply a sun protection in order to minimize the appearance of new spots.