Quality charter of our centers

The confirmed members of our organization undertake, by fulfilling this Charter, for the quality, the transparency and the safety of their aesthetic acts.

For all their acts:

  • to inform the patient about the nature, the expected result the risks of the act
  • to clearly inform about the nature of the products used and the prescribed treatments
  • to practice according to the standards of quality and safety in force
  • to establish an accurate estimate before undertaking care
  • to respect, if necessary, a legal delay of reflection between the consultation and the intervention.

For aesthetic procedures with local anesthesia:

  • to make a clinical assessment and if biological need
  • to take photographs “before”
  • to be able to stay in contact with the patient for at least 24 hours after the procedure,
  • to provide at least one follow-up consultation.

And more generally :

  • to maintain their knowledge by regularly participating in Continuing Medical Education
  • to work in a suitable environment (premises, equipment and personnel)
  • to stand in the strictly medical field if they are not surgeons
  • to use only proven products or techniques the use of which is not prohibited by the legislation in force.