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    Effective tattoo removal

    We change and our tastes too, for a professional situation, or simply because of many situations justify the need to remove a tattoo.
    It is now possible to remove completely a tattoo or a permanent makeup with a laser. Efficiency will depend on the used technology.

    What is a tattoo?

    Whether it is an amateur tattoo made with Indian ink or a professional one, the principle of tattooing consists in inserting between the epidermis and the dermis of the skin color pigments big enough so that they do not come back to the surface and that our cells cannot remove them.

    Once inserted, the pigment will remain in its place permanently.

    how does tattoo work

    How to remove a tattoo?

    Most methods aim to remove the skin fragment with the tattoo: this is the case of cryosurgery, electrocoagulation, skin removal with a dermatome, dermabrasion, cauterization with acid, and others. However, all these methods lead to the formation of a scar, since the dermis (cutaneous layer deeper than the epidermis) is imminently affected. In addition, these treatments are extremely painful and can lead to infections.

    In the end, you would have to choose between the tattoo and the scar. Fortunately, today there is a method that allows you to eliminate your tattoo without consequences: laser tattoo removal.

    tattoo removal dangerous laser scar warning when removing tattoo

    Example of a bad tattoo removal

    professional secure laser tattoo removal done by a professional

    Example of a good tattoo removal

    Laser tattoo removal

    The principle of laser tattoo removal is very simple: via a light energy we seek to fragment the tattoo pigments into smaller pieces so that they can be destroyed by our body.

    To completely erase a tattoo without a risk of pigmentary lesion it is important that the laser can be adjusted according to each patient (skin color, depth of the ink in the skin, skin type, its color, etc.).

    Depending on the laser models it is important to pay attention to its “ultra-selectivity”: this is what determines if the laser will target a specific pigment and not the skin.

    The removal of tattoos of several colors requires a multitude of lasers of different wavelengths (ruby, alexandrite, neodymium and others), each one of them will aim for a specific color.

    Used power is also important: the higher the power is, the more your skin will heat up (pain, irritation, even scar). If this is your case, our center regularly offers solutions to patients treated in other centers to remove scars with our RecoSMA™ technology.

    The Deep Acoustic Wave Technology™

    In our centers we have the Deep Acoustic Wave Technology™ equipment for the Mutliline laser. This unique technology delivers stunning results while reducing the time required for tattoo removal.

    Unlike the classic mechanism of lasers that destroy all the pigment by a single strong light wave, the Deep Acoustic Wave Technology™ sends several laser waves of a few nano seconds at reduced power accompanied with an acoustic wave that will destroy the pigment smoothly.

    This technique is also effective on the deepest pigments and avoids any burn.

    This laser has all the necessary equipment to remove tattoos of all colors which allows to get rid of them completely and safely.

    detatouage laser sans douleur

    Without burns

    detatouage laser rapide


    laser tatouage selectif et efficace


    Tattoo removal procedure

    Before the tattoo removal treatment, we proceed to a test session during which a specialist determines the type of laser that will be the best for its removal, depending on its color, dye, depth of ink and your skin.

    During the session the laser beam acts exclusively on the tattoo dye which is gradually destroyed and naturally eliminated. Sessions of tattoo removal are usually short and there is no need of interrupting normal way of life, the patient can get back to his activities right after the session.

    The duration of the treatment depends on the size of the surface to be treated, the depth of penetration of the dye and the type of dye.

    Number of sessions: usually, it takes from 3 to 5 sessions.

    For example, an amateur tattoo with a low pigmentation can be erased in 2 to 3 sessions while a tattoo done by a professional may require additional sessions twice the norm or even more.

    The removal of permanent makeup is much faster.

    We can also reduce the number of tattoo removal sessions using the laser Er: YAG associated with RecoSMA™. This method favors blood circulation in the tattooed area and helps the skin recover faster. We recommend to all our patients to alternate laser tattoo removal sessions with RecoSMA™ sessions.