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    The aesthetic laser RecoSMA ™ technology for a truly rejuvenated skin!

    The RecoSMA™ aesthetic laser is the latest rejuvenation method, especially for the face.
    This technology is available only with the Multiline™ device, which operating modes are patented.

    Effective and secure, the aesthetic laser helps to reshape the skin, and fight against wrinkles and imperfections. The skin is renewed and becomes visibly younger and naturally tonic.

    laser rajeunissement peau naturel

    Cell renewal

    laser rajeunissement anti ride

    Facial remodeling

    laser anti ride peau jeune

    Rejuvenated skin

    The aesthetic laser RecoSMA™ can be used on any part of the body, even in areas where the skin is the most sensitive and mobile, for example the eye area, eyelids, neck, décolleté …

    Unlike competing lasers and other methods (fractional laser, radiofrequency, radiolifting, ultrasound lifting) it is the only one with this type of effect that does not require local anesthesia, no cooling system or special care before or after treatment.

    Being an aesthetic laser, the technology is “NON THERMAL”: it does not cause deep tissue burns, allowing the laser to be applied all areas of the body.

    The revolutionary effect of the RecoSMA™ laser is also used for the treatment of scars, acne, stretch marks, psoriasis and between tattoo removal sessions.

    How does the Aesthetic Laser RecoSMA™ work?

    laser aesthetic medicine face anti wrinkle recosma

    The laser acts smoothly on micro areas, sending a chain of specified light energy pulse (patented technology) smaller than a human cell.

    In response to the action of the laser, the body will force the skin to renew itself but also will stimulate the production of collagen. Result: the skin regains the state in which it should be but with less wrinkles and scars!

    Unlike other treatments, the RecoSMA™ aesthetic laser acts naturally and effectively on our body to push back the age and its effects, so its effectiveness has no deadline, only the time and aging of our skin will make another session necessary.

    Aesthetic laser RecoSMA™ session

    First consultation: the doctor will make sure that your personal case is compatible with the method and that there is no contraindications.

    The treatment: no preparation is necessary before an Aesthetic Laser RecoSMA™ session, whatever the treated area is: face, eye area, lip contour, forehead, neck, décolleté, arms…

    The days following the treatment: the skin begins to peel letting a new young, slightly pink skin appear during 1 to 2 weeks. You can observe the rejuvenation effect in the first weeks.

    After treatment: you can quickly return to your usual lifestyle.
    In general, one session is sufficient for a first visible effect. For more damaged skin that has never or rarely received aesthetic care, for optimal effect one or more additional sessions will be required.

    With more than thirty thousand treatments performed at the various centers and clinics, the aesthetic laser RecoSMA™ technology has proven its effectiveness and safety. No cases of serious adverse reactions have been reported.

    laser aesthetic medicine face anti wrinkle recosma