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    Healthy and glowing skin thanks to Meso Peeling

    Meso Peeling is a rejuvenation treatment for the skin, inspired by aesthetic medicine. This non-invasive, painless and proven method in a medical environment which objective is to make your skin healthy, glowing, toned and cleared of all visible imperfections.

    Meso Peeling is similar to both dermatological peels and mesotherapy, two leading methods of aesthetic medicine.

    The Meso Peeling can be considered as an “improved” peel because via this protocol, with gentle PEELING, not interfering with social life,
    you can get results identical to Medium PEELING, which is more aggressive.

    The principle of Meso Peeling is simple: it eliminates dead cells that “suffocates” the skin and activates the production of collagen in the skin. The skin becomes firm, radiant and with even skin tone.

    session peeling

    Meso Peeling session

    The Meso Peeling consists of 3 steps:

    1. The skin is thoroughly cleansed and the dead skin is removed.

    2. A serum is applied to the facial area so that the active products penetrate effectively into the skin and activate collagen production.

    3. Final step: a session under LED light with a chosen the color (wavelength) corresponding to the complete indication, reinforces the previous actions, fights against sagging skin and uneven skin tone for a rejuvenated face.

    To be effective the Meso Peeling should be applied as a program of 4 to 8 separate sessions of 7 to 15 days intervals; associated with a cosmetic treatment (FILORGA) at home, perfectly complementary to the care received in the cabin.

    Meso Peeling is perfect for:

    • Revitalization and skin stimulation, prevention of photoaging;
    • Treatment of dyschromia (pigment spots);
    • Treatment of oily skin with acne prone;
    • Care of wrinkles and sagging skin;
    • Care of stretch marks and scars;
    • Care of alopecia (hair loss).

    All the parts of the body that need it can be treated with Meso Peeling:

    • The face, the neck, the décolleté.
    • Hands.
    • Scalp*.

    meso peeling cleansing for new skin

    The Meso Peeling can be performed alone or as a part of an Anti-Age treatment protocol: hyaluronic injection, Botox injection or the aesthetic laser RecoSMA™.

    Meso Peeling does not require absolute sun protection and does not involve interrupting of normal lifestyle. It is also compatible with thermal treatments or thalassotherapy (sauna, hamam…).

    * Scalp MESOPEELING is an alternative to scalp mesotherapy that is painful, whether it is done by needle, rollerblading or mesopen. It is indicated in transient alopecia of women and men (Telogen Effluvium). In androgenetic alopecia, MESOPEELING provides additional treatment which is essential to maintain good scalp health and slow down the fall.