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    Center for aesthetic medicine and laser hair removal in Lyon

    Situated on Cours Vitton in the 6th arrondissement, the ALFA Medical Center in Lyon is an original place with a philosophy fully focused on listening and respect of patients.

    Innovation and excellence of the ALFA Group
    Composed of an expert team in aesthetic and anti-aging medicine without surgery, our Lyon center also has the most advanced and secure technologies on the market. Among them are the anti-aging laser RecoSMA™ which allows the wrinkles elimination through a natural renewal of your skin and the patented laser hair removal technology QoolT™ for painless hair removal in summer and winter on all skin types.

    Alfa Laser Center has also experienced doctors for alopecia concerns and FUE hair transplantation. If you are looking for more information, you can contact us with our contact form below or through our specific hair transplant website:

    Our watchwords: advice, efficiency and safety.

    Aesthetic and anti-aging treatments in the center of Lyon

    The team at the Alfa Laser Center Lyon proposes various treatments to fight against skin problems on the face and the entire body.
    Eliminate acne with phototherapy or laser, reduce freckles, erase port-wine stains, treat varicose veins and haemangiomas, but also fight against psoriasis.
    Laser hair removal sessions on all types of skin, remove scars, tattoos or perform liposuction without surgery thanks to cryolipolysis.
    HIFU anti-aging sessions, botulinum toxin injections (Botox), fillers (hyaluronic acid, collagen or others), and Meso Peeling to rejuvenate your skin.

    Sports support and electrostimulation

    In addition to cryolipolysis, sports accompaniment and electrostimulation can bring a definite benefit.

    Coach Martin CARRERE ( recommends, in addition to the treatments offered in the ALFA LASER centers, electrostimulation to help redraw his figure. Electrostimulation can contract muscles with electrodes placed on the body.
    The principle of this material is to amplify muscle contraction with an electrical impulse that complements the natural contraction associated with movement. By stimulating the totality (100%) of the muscle fibers, it makes it possible to be able to solicit all the muscle groups simultaneously. Sessions are performed in motion, with muscle building exercises and fitness.
    Martin Carrere uses MIHA BODYTECH the most powerful electrostimulation equipment on the market.

    Improve your skin and fight against the signs of age

    All our treatments are performed by trained doctors and graduates in aesthetic medicine.


    90 cours Vitton - 69006 LYON

    Monday to Friday: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.